Little YODHA
Little YODHA

Enhancing the skills of the Little Warrior in your child.


AAIBN came into being on 4th November, 2014 when 15 business owners met for the first time as a group in the cosy little conference room of the NNCPL (Nathan and Nathan Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) office in Bangalore and instantly decided to become members


AIBN is essentially a business networking platform, intended to be a melting pot of people from any industry sector (Manufacturing, Trading or Servicing) and at any spectrum of the business experience.

The focus is on making people to “Think Business” and concentrate on their customers rather than on what others are doing


The AIBN group meets every Tuesday morning in a 2 hour session whose primary motive is to make it comfortable and easy for people to embrace AIBN, provide knowledge and inputs which creates a confidence to do business, provide ways to create and encash opportunities and above all gives HOPE to succeed.

Little YODHA In action

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